March 20th - July 9th

The opportunity for you to explore and expand further with Nicole and an exclusive group of people.

Are you interested in diving in deeper?

Now that you've gained a sense of some of your survival patterns, you are more connected and aware of how you experience yourself, and you now recognize that there's nothing to fix because you're already whole, you're invited to explore further through more intimate support with Nicole!


4 One on One Sessions

Once a month, these hour long sessions will provide you with a supported space with Nicole to explore and shift any survival patterns and trauma you're navigating.

8 Group Sessions

Join Nicole and the other EXPAND'ers for these 2 hour sessions which will happen every other week. You'll benefit both through a mini 1:1 session and through holding space.

4 Pod Calls

Once a month we'll all connect to share our experiences, be witnessed, be supported, hold space, have discussions and most importantly deepen our connections.


Connect with Nicole directly as well as the other EXPAND'ers in a group chat to share, ask questions and get additional support outside of our calls over the 4 months.

Chart Work

Transform through the Crystalline Energy Field with chart work. Nicole will do charts relative to what's going on for you to support a deeper aspect of your healing.


Join the DISCOVER Community by engaging in the weekly calls and by revisiting each module to support you in deepening your explorations.


Pay In Full

$3000 CAD

Approx. $2400USD / 2760£ / 2100€

Pay Monthly

4 x $775 CAD

Approx. $620USD / 455£ / 545€ x 4

** If your budget is tight, please know that I'm open to discussing other payment plan options with you.



Please note that space is limited. Depending on the interest, people may be chosen through a lottery system.




Joining EXPAND was life changing. No joke! I had been doing 1:1 and self practice in SE prior and really finding benefits, which is why I decided to join this group. The combo of the amazing educational content (so much of it!) plus the group work helped me “level up” more than any other practice to date (and I have tried a lot of them, trust me). I notice lasting improvements and shifts in all areas of my life due to this group. Work, relationships, health and how I feel on a daily basis. 

EXPAND is truly the perfect name. I have experienced so much expansion in all areas of my life there are seriously too many to list, but here are my top 5:

  • SO embodied; increased intuition, greater ability to 'know' (make decisions easier and faster), my mind-body connection is in flow 
  • Better health as a result of listening to my body; less anxiety and stress, improved digestion, reduced allergies etc. 
  • More authenticity and connection; I'm more free, I notice I'm received by others, I feel more real and seen (I see this in all my relationships, including with my partner)
  • Free your mind; I've always been super analytical and my mind used to exhaust me! I now have this amazing ability to step back as an observer and not get pulled into 'the story'.
  • Resilience: Now I can roll with big emotions (eg. grief) and they don't consume me. Feelings have become natural and I can handle them.

I would love to share a bit of my experience in EXPAND. I had been working with Nicole about a year 1:1 before this offer came along. And I felt like I was ready to take a step further and deeper. Further because of the lessons and extra knowledge on nervous system geekiness I would learn. Deeper because group work for me felt a bit uncomfortable. Now, six months later, I am so happy I did it.

The connection with other people on a similar path feels safe and supporting. We only hear glimpses of each other’s stories and everyone is dealing with different things, yet there is a big sense of relief in knowing that others are on this path too. Holding space for each other also feels rewarding in a way, to be able to support and be a witness of someone else’s process.

The lessons are just so rich. There is theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, different kinds of tools that help to nurture and support your nervous system. I love learning and understanding things so for me that was a big plus.

And then of course there is Nicole. She has such a natural way of connecting with people and forming a community. I love the humour she brings to the sessions. I love her relaxed and chill way of being present. And I love how, even though I only connected with her online, she has this big intuition and ability to sense what is going on in my body, in parts she can’t even see on camera. She is truly gifted.


In a time where we’re crowded by healers and different wellbeing modalities it can be difficult to know where to turn. When it comes to healing practitioners I’ve been around the block, both as a client with my own need for resolving my own traumas and as a holistic wellness mentor.

From my personal experiences with Nicole, her level of wholesomeness, unique approach, wisdom and aura is unmatchable. She has a way about her that can’t be learned - she just is.

Every time I see her I feel lighter, more embodied and way more resilient. My sleeps are deeper and my connection to my family and clients become way more fulfilling and less trying.

Nicole’s ability to hold a container for true healing that’s unattached to story is a skill that I wish all healing practitioners acquired more masterfully - myself included. Without a doubt I will continue to vouch for her and I believe that I will forever be inspired by her ability to regulate herself and continue practice what she shares.

If you’re called to heal, get to know yourself better or more fully show up for your family and clients then I vouch for this special human 100%.