A Mentorship Program

This is an opportunity for you to explore and expand with me, Nicole Lohse, and an exclusive group of other practitioners, counselors and coaches who on a similar journey.

By gaining awareness of who you are and how it is you navigate through the world, by shifting out of your survival patterns, healing your trauma, and deepening your sense of Self, you refine your ability to notice, support and attune to your clients and where they're at.

I'd like to support you in this!

If you're ready to commit to exploring your own layers and gaining more insight into what's happening in both you and your clients experiences, I'd like to invite you to join me for this year long mentorship!

Hi! I'm Nicole Lohse!

As a trained expert in body based trauma practices, I support people who feel disconnected and who are craving deep, meaningful relationships with themselves and others shift out of their survival patterns, heal trauma and truly understand their nervous system so that they feel whole, empowered, free and a sense of belonging.

I'm fascinated by all of us human beings and I geek out on anything mind, body and soul related.

Having the opportunity to offer a mentorship to those who get as enthusiastic as me about what it means to be a human being excites the shit out of me. I look forward to meeting you and to seeing if EXPAND is a good fit for you!

Learn more about me here!

Now, let's be clear here. EXPAND is for those who are ready to commit. We'll be spending the year together, deepening our understanding of ourselves and how we show up in the world and in our practice while also refining how it is we see and support our clients.
It will require your attention, dedication and commitment and I ask that you're ready to show up fully (relative to your capacity!).

The Layout:


The focus these first 4 months is to deepen your sense of You. Get to know your survival patterns and the parts of you that protect, manage, control and distract you. Learn how to listen to the language of your nervous system and become more familiar with your whole human experience. Heal your trauma. Release any burdens you're carrying. Deepen your sense of wholeness and step into your sovereignty. The layers which you'll dive into these first 4 months lays the foundation for years and years of further integration!

We'll be bringing what you're exploring in DISCOVER program into our Pod Calls and Group Sessions to further support the understanding and embodying of what you're learning.

Of course what you learn here will organically bleed into how you see and work with clients. But the intention during this first part is for You to deepen your embodied sense of the knowledge you'll gain through the DISCOVER Content.

Please check out this page to learn more about DISCOVER!


Our schedule each month:

No calls December 25th - January 1st

Week 1: Pod Call (75 minutes)
Week 2: One on One (60 minutes)
Week 3: Pod Call (75 minutes)
Week 4: Group Session (2 hours)

PLUS: Weekly DISCOVER Q&A's and Demo Calls.


Now that you've gotten a better understanding of your survival patterns, healed some of your trauma and deepened your sense of Self, we'll bring awareness into what you're noticing with your clients!

We'll shift gears slightly with monthly Focus Calls to deepen your knowledge of the DISCOVER content and how it can support you with your clients.

I'll be offering monthly consult calls so that you can get further insight into what you're noticing and where you're getting stuck.

Then your personal explorations will of course continue (as they always will), with ongoing Group Sessions. Plus you have the option to book extra 1:1's.

There will also be the option to come together for a 4 day in-person gathering!


Our schedule each month:

No calls March 26th - April 2nd and May 28th - June 4th

Week 1: Focus Call (75 min)
Week 2: Group Session (2 hours)
Week 3: Consult (75 minutes)
Week 4: Pod Call (75 minutes)

Moving Onward

No one needs or enjoys an abrupt ending! The focus these 4 months will be integration, exploration and doing what you know how to do - on your own!

As a community, we will still stay engaged and connected, but our calls will shift to meeting once a month for Consult/Check-In's to discuss what's coming up, both in your practice and in your personal life.


Our schedule each month:

Week 2: Consult Call (75 minutes)

The Details:


The DISCOVER program consists of 8 Modules providing you with all that's needed to not only understand rationally how you show up in relation to yourself, others and the world, but also to support you in discovering how to experience yourself in deep, profound ways so that you can create lasting change!

Filled with educational videos, reflective worksheets, audio explorations, these resources are A MUST for you to experience shifts at a cellular level.

12 Pod Calls

These Pod Calls are a safe, held space for you to discuss what's coming up for you as you explore and discover. A big part of the journey is to be seen and held in your experiences, and to witness others in their expansion. 

Healing and deep integration happens in community!

This is also a great place to refine how you hold space for "what is", both for your own experiences and in response to others sharing!

8 Q&A's &
8 Demo Calls

Join the DISCOVER Community for these calls, allowing for the opportunity to witness the content in action. The calls demonstrate what it looks like to find a richer, deeper integration and understanding, and they provide us with the opportunity to use examples of real life experiences and ongoing shifts to explore all of the nuances of this work.

Created with an open format and dedicated to giving you the chance to share, ask questions and be supported by each other and Nicole.

4 One on One Sessions

These 1:1 sessions will provide you with a nurturing space with Nicole to explore, untangle and shift out of any survival patterns, heal your trauma and deepen your understanding of what's possible with this work by experiencing these cellular changes within your own system.

The more you connect with Self, the richer your practice will become!

Additional 1:1 sessions can be booked at an extra cost.

8 Group Sessions

Join Nicole and the other EXPAND'ers for these 2 hour sessions and benefit, both through mini 1:1 sessions and by witnessing different Bodies in their process.

This is a great opportunity to witness and sense into different nervous systems and see the uniqueness and yet also the similarities at play when it comes to exploring the ways in which we protect and survive.

We'll spend time in these sessions discussing what happened to allow a deeper understanding of how you can bring aspects of DISCOVER into sessions with your clients!

4 Focus Calls

These Focus Calls will be both educational and experiential with the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the DISCOVER content as well as the opportunity to practice on each other.

We'll explore specific themes and put extra emphasis on how you can integrate this knowledge into how you see and support your clients!

8 Consult Calls

As you integrate and bring what you're learning into your practice, you're bound to have learning opportunities arise! And we can all learn together from these situations.

These calls are meant to support you in becoming clearer on how you can bring what you're learning through EXPAND into areas where you're feeling stuck or confused while staying in your scope.

What we'll discuss in these calls can also often be implemented into your own explorations!

Ongoing Workshops

Every February, June & October you are welcome to join the DISCOVER Community in these themed workshops!

These ongoing workshops and calls allow you to not only stay connected with the Community, it also creates a space where deepening your understanding of yourself and of this work can continue to happen.

Community Wall & WhatsApp

The Community Wall is there for you to connect with the community, share resources, and post memes. Because who doesn't like a good meme!

WhatsApp will also be a optional way to connect with me directly when you have questions or are feeling stuck. I'll attend to these messages once a week unless something is urgent.

An In-Person Gathering!

As great as it is that we get to connect, engage and learn together online, nothing beats connecting in person!

We'll spend 4 days together, supporting each other in deepening our connection and understanding of who we are really!

This will be an all inclusive event and will be an extra fee (tbd) and is optional. Those who can't make it in person have the option to be "Zoom'ed in".


Pay In Full

$7,200 CAD

Approx. $5,280 USD

Pay Monthly

12 x $600 CAD

Approx. $440 USD

Space is extremely limited.
Participants will be chosen both through a first come first serve basis and based off an interview process to make sure it's the right program for them!



Please note that space is limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis with those most suitable for the program.



In a time where we’re crowded by healers and different wellbeing modalities it can be difficult to know where to turn. When it comes to healing practitioners I’ve been around the block, both as a client with my own need for resolving my own traumas and as a holistic wellness mentor.

From my personal experiences with Nicole, her level of wholesomeness, unique approach, wisdom and aura is unmatchable. She has a way about her that can’t be learned - she just is.

Every time I see her I feel lighter, more embodied and way more resilient. My sleeps are deeper and my connection to my family and clients become way more fulfilling and less trying.

Nicole’s ability to hold a container for true healing that’s unattached to story is a skill that I wish all healing practitioners acquired more masterfully - myself included. Without a doubt I will continue to vouch for her and I believe that I will forever be inspired by her ability to regulate herself and continue practice what she shares.

If you’re called to heal, get to know yourself better or more fully show up for your family and clients then I vouch for this special human 100%.

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